The AI Enabled Voice and Text based Periodic Table

Sayli Pankaj Bande

Sayli Pankaj Bande
JSS Public School, Bangalore, Karnataka
Title: The AI Enabled Voice and Text based Periodic Table
The PT Bot is built using the Conversational AI The user can interact with the bot using voice enabled Digital Assistants Alexa, the user can interact with the bot in chat using Slack, Facebook Messenger and Skype.It can interact with a set of people using social media channels and convey the latest topics or happening in the field of Chemistry using IFTTT. It interacts with the learner as a teacher,examiner,entertainer and motivates the user. For example the PT Bot brings the information about the element Copper for the user in the form of a fact, a quiz, by triggering the physical form of the Periodic Table and tries to educates the user on the intricacies of the element like-the the Atomic radius, Bonding Radius, Ground State, Crystal Structure, Ionization level, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Oxidation State, the Outer shells, Density, Electronegativity, Atomic Structure, Atomic weight, Atomic number and the real world applications. The PT Bot also presents the periodic table in the form of Metal’s group, Alkali group and so on. It connects the user to the latest happenings in the field of Chemistry. Users can form groups and interact with the PT Bot. The most important aspect of the PT Bot is its ability to learn new things based on user interactions.
The PT Bot does Text Classification using Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Just Started on this part) as AI behind the scene.