Improving the rice production through innovative rice seedlings

A Siva Bharathi & ET Ram Kumaar

A Siva Bharathi & ET Ram Kumaar
NSN Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Title: Improving the rice production through innovative rice seedlings
The farmers in the rice production area across India are very much dejected over the condition of agriculture because of the issues like poor rainfall and labor availability, which are causing the downfall of agriculture. The farmers are following the mechanized and manual rice cultivation and raising the seedlings for the rice cultivation is a big issue. Currently the farmers are using 100% soil from the field and raise the seedlings which are not healthy and takes long time for them to get transplanted in the main field. It takes about 25 to 30 days for the seedling to get transplanted.
The new developed media contains 50% of Coconut coir, 30% of press mud from Sugarcane industry and 20% of rice husk (percent by volume), which is giving a very high quality seedlings. The rice seedlings produced by this method takes all required nutrients for its growth from the three added components. It takes only 13 days for the seedlings to get ready for transplanting. In the new media, the seedlings need to be watered only once a day and can be raised in the backyard or on the roof top and can be easily carried to the main field for transplanting as the weight of each seedling mat is less. It can be easily rolled up as well. All the three components used are biological waste and bio-degradable, and are readily available to the farmers. This media will be a boon to the rice farmers in India.