Continuing the efforts to up level the quality of the affiliated fair projects , we initiated the Mentoring Camps this year as well and the first to be organized was the  Eastern Region Mentoring Camp conducted on 18th May & 19th May at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.


The camp was inaugurated with lighting of the lamp and invoking the blessing of Goddess of learning followed by  a welcome address by Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Chairman of KIIT International School. She shared her thoughts on research based science projects and encouraged &  motivated the participants to bag a place in Team India 2018.


The scientific panel comprising of Dr A K Paul, Dr Arundhati Pal, Dr Isham Panigarhi (KIIT Professor) and Dr Akhilesh Kumar (KIIT Professor) spent time with each participant understanding the idea, suggesting ways and means to infuse research and innovative thought processes into their existing projects. It was exhilarating for both the students and the guides when the experts pointed out the gaps.  The discussions and suggestions continued for the entire day.  The students and guides took notes of all the valuable suggestions given by the scientific panel and worked on it through the night to be ready for the next day presentation.


Day 2 started with a very interactive and learning session on “How to write a good synopsis” by Dr. Arundhati Pal. She elaborated on the various steps involved and encouraged students to relate with their project and come up with description for each component of the synopsis..


The participants got a peek into the IRIS judgment process when they were asked to present their project calling out the additions that they planned to incorporate in their project.  The objective was to enhance the projects so  that it can meet up the IRIS standards.


Every participant detailed the action that they would be taking in the next two months and went back satisfied at being provided with a clear direction.


Special note of thanks to Dr A K Paul and Dr Arundhati Pal who being the experienced SRC members motivated the students to come up with innovative steps to make their project better.

Special mention to Prof Isham Panigrahy, Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Dewangan and  Dr. Swatishree from KIIT University who have not only taken out time from their busy schedule but also gave valuable inputs owing to their vast experience working with children.


The overall feedback of the students and their guides was very favorable and it reiterated the fact that the step taken to mentor the finalists before their entry to IRIS National fair was in the right direction.


Voices from the ground:

‘There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only change’- by Robert Monroe

We are fortunate that we got selected for NCSC fair because of which we have got a chance to be a part of IRIS Eastern Mentoring Camp 2017. The session with experts have changed our mind set which requires more research into our project model and suggestions definitely help us to be a part of IRIS National Science Fair 2017.

–        Ayanav Baruah, Nishant Kashyap – Students, Assam


‘Excellent scope for a participant to build-up a scientific research in their existing project.

–        Narayan Ch.Mitra – Guide Teacher, Tripura



‘It was good  step towards enlightening new ideas in the minds of young aspiring scientists. This mentorship involves no judgement and hence, all students hugely participated in questionnaire session. The projects were worth listening  .It evoked me to think in a different manner throughout the 2 days. The overall the organizing committee worked hard thus, the food and stay was good .’

–        Parth Shah – Guide Teacher, Gujarat


 ‘IRIS Mentoring Camp gives great opportunity and supports for encouraging us to create new and different things which provides help to the society. Everyone including the guides, KIIT staff, LLF team was very supportive and helpful. It’s my pleasure to be part of this skilful camp.’

–        Arti Kumari –  Student, Jharkhand

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