Continuing our efforts to up level the quality of the affiliated fair projects, the second mentoring camp in the pipeline – Southern Region Mentoring Camp 2017 was organized on 25th May & 26th May at Periyar Science & Technology Centre, Chennai.

The camp was inaugurated with a welcome address by Dr S. Soundararaja Perumal, Joint Director of Periyar Science & Technology Centre followed with a welcome address by Dr. P. Iyam Perumal, Executive Director, Periyar Science & Technology Centre and Sri I.K. Mukherjee, Former Director General National Council of Science Museum (Government of India).

The camp continued with an overview session on IRIS and experiences at ISEF which inspired the participants a lot.

The scientific panel led by Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismail and comprising of Dr Nasser, Dr Rama and Dr Paul Douglas spent time with each project group suggesting some new ways and means to infuse research and innovative thought processes into their existing projects. It was very exciting for both the students and the guides when the gaps were pointed out by the subject experts. The discussions and suggestions continued for the entire day.  The students and guides took notes of the all the valuable suggestions given by the scientific panel. The participants worked on the suggestions given by scientific panel at night and were ready for their next day presentation.

Day 2 started with the individual presentation by all the participants in front of scientific panel and other teams which gave them confidence to tackle questions. The participants detailed the steps that they would be taking in the next two months and went back satisfied at being provided a clear direction.

Special note of thanks to Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismail who motivated the students to come up with innovative, thought provoking ideas and gave the right direction to them for proceeding further with their project.

Dr Paul, Dr Nasser and Dr Rama worked closely with the participants, helped them to give their best and encouraged them to put their best foot forward and qualify for the National Fair 2017.

Special mention to Dr S. Soundararaja Perumal, Dr. P. Iyam Perumal and  Sri I.K. Mukherjee from Periyar Science & Technology Centre who have not only taken out time from their busy schedule but also gave valuable inputs to all the participants owing to their vast experience.

The overall feedback of the students and their guides was very favorable and it was observed that the step taken to mentor the finalists before their entry to IRIS National fair was in the right direction.


Voices from the ground:

‘Definitely IRIS MENTORING CAMP has been an eye opener for us. We are highly grateful for the wonderful and quality time they extend us. Second of all, I personally appreciate to be a part of this camp. I thank ‘Learning Links Foundation’ who helped us out of every step, right from making us learn the details about the camp to provide excellent accommodation & food on time.

Of the mentoring panel, we are highly pleased and thakful for the elite and informed personalities for spending time, giving suggestions and areas to improve.

Finally, but not the least, I hope my path crosses again through this in future

–        K.S. Prathtusha – Student, Meridian School for Boys & Girls, Banjara Hills, Telangana, Hyderabad

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