ThumbFi Control Your Devices With Your Fingertips

Sarthak Sethi & Mohd Faiz

Sarthak Sethi & Mohd Faiz
Maxfort School, New Delhi
Title: ThumbFi Control Your Devices With Your Fingertips
ThumbFi is a revolutionary device that aims to simplify control of various devices by literally bringing control to your fingertips! All you have to do is touch different sections of your fingers to perform different tasks.
It eliminates the need to use different accessories for controlling different appliances.
There are various applications of this technology – imagine playing games using only your fingers! The technology can be extended to allow various home automation or even running apps on your computer or mobile!
After 5 months of research, prototyping, and development, we were finally able to build this device in less than Rs 3,000 which makes it affordable for everyone across the globe.